Interview with Natalie Burn, Patricio Valladares and Barry Keating for ‘Downhill’

Downhill arrives on DVD just in time for the Halloween season. Extreme sport athletes Stephanie (Natalie Burn) and Joe (Bryce Draper) are grieving the loss of their friend when they are invited to compete in a BMX race in Chile. Having decided that it will be good for them, the young couple accept. However, a practice walk through the course leaves them fighting for their lives as the snowy mountains are hiding a sinister secret.

The film got its UK premiere at this summer’s Frightfest and was described by festival runner Alan Jones as ‘a fast, fun and ferocious gore buster’. The cast and crew features a melting pot of nationalities that highlights just how small the world really is. Director Patricio Valladares is Chilean, his writer Barry Keating is Irish, and their leading lady Natalie Burn is originally from the Ukraine. We managed to catch up with the trio in London ahead of their Frightfest debut. They were in high spirits about the movie and were excited to be part of such a prestigious genre festival. Patricio remarked ‘this is a movie shot in Chile with a Chilean director who speaks English like Speedy Gonzales. Shot in English in Chlie, it’s a low budget movie. Being here is like magic.’