[Interview] – Natalie Burn – Actress

Hello again Natalie! We recently interviewed you for your last film ‘Left To Die’, how did everything with the film go?

As an actress and a producer I have enjoyed the process of making Left to Die. From writing and producing to being the lead actress in it, and having it viewed by people around the world, getting it to be released and having a DVD copy in your hand. It’s an amazing feeling accomplishing something you worked really hard for. Could I have done something different with the film? I’m sure I could have, but the best way to learn is by making the mistakes and going through the whole process to learn, and not make the same mistakes again. I’m proud of it and most importantly I got it sold and released in most territories around the world. The key with filming a movie is getting it seen by the most people possible, so you can set yourself up for future projects. And get bigger a fan club!