AWAKEN soundtrack

It’s a VOD rumble in the island jungle as a bunch of human hunters once again make the big mistake of having a most dangerous game, here with the statuesque Kiev-born starlet Natalie Burn (“The Expendables III,” “Criminal”), who also produced, wrote and nicely sings “Awaken’s” rocking end credit song to boot). Before then, it’s a ferocious, primally percussive body count as booby-trapped with a wealth of ethnic energy by composers Brian Ralston and Kays Al-Atrakchi. Having previously shown an affinity for bringing Native American instruments to lacrosse with Perseverance’s release of “Crooked Arrows,” Ralston is all over the globe when bringing in an array of lethal percussion to serve as blunt instruments for one chauvinist pig after the other get impaled with in their increasingly dwindling pursuit. But rather than just banging away on drums, blowing on flutes, or strumming on a guitar to get across the Mexico peninsula setting, Ralston and Al-Atrakchi (“Extreme Force”) give “Awaken” a mean, melodic, sample-driven structure that nicely recalls the synth, and often pan flute topped-sound of “Awaken’s” 80’s indie revenge antecedents like “Deadly Prey,” a spirit that’s since been carried on with liberated fury by “Relentless Justice” and “Camino.” Female hell certainly gets served with exotic spice with “Awaken’s” intriguingly suspenseful and highly rhythmic listen as its beats a powerful path in Burn’s quest for action heroine stardom.